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What Problems Can Poorly Fitting Dentures Cause?

October 13, 2023

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Modern dentures are lauded for feeling so comfortable that patients often forget they are there. However, they require periodic adjustments to maintain their good fit. The mouth will change and develop with age, and the dentures will need to be modified in order to continue holding their position stably, chewing effectively, and looking great when the patient smiles. Here are a few complications that can arise when your dentures aren’t fitting properly.

Your Gums Can Become Sore and Swollen

If your dentures are not fitting properly, they can slide around in your mouth or even begin to poke into the soft tissues with their hard edges. This abrasion can cause your gums to become irritated, inflamed, and sore. This makes them more likely to bleed, sustain injuries, or develop infections. A well-fitting pair of dentures, on the other hand, will hold its place upon your gums so that it won’t slide around and cause unnecessary stress to the surrounding tissues.

You May Have Trouble Eating and Speaking

If your dentures aren’t holding their place in your mouth, it can become exceedingly difficult to speak or eat properly while wearing them. In some cases, a denture-wearer can develop a lisp or may even experience their appliance falling out while they are talking.

Eating can be just as frustrating when your dentures are not fitting properly. It may become painful or difficult to chew with your dentures. When you aren’t as able to chew a wide variety of foods, it can be hard to maintain a balanced diet. To make matters worse, a poor fit can cause food debris to become lodged between the denture and the gums. This can cause irritation and possibly gum disease.

You May Experience Angular Cheilitis

If your dentures aren’t fitting properly, your teeth may no longer align in the right way. This can lead to an uneven bite that causes saliva to pool around the corners of your mouth. If these accumulations of saliva cannot be cleared away, you can develop a nasty bacterial infection involving an overgrowth of yeast. Symptoms of angular cheilitis include developing painful or itchy red patches at the corners of your mouth.

The good news is, seeing your dentist regularly can prevent all of these unpleasant issues from happening. With periodic relines, your dentist can keep your dentures fitting well and in biting shape for up to ten years.

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