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Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry – Indianapolis, IN

Gum Disease Therapy & Conservative Surgical Interventions

When you think laser, you may think of NASA or the latest blockbuster. Whatever it is, your first thought probably isn’t your dental care -- but if you require surgery that affects the soft tissues of your mouth, like the gums, cheeks or tongue, you can greatly benefit from the EPIC™ diode laser platform. Your doctors at Indianapolis Family Dentistry are pleased to offer our patients all the benefits precise, efficient laser power has to offer! Keep reading to learn more about revolutionary soft tissue laser dentistry in Indianapolis, IN.

The EPIC™ Diode Laser: How It Works

The EPIC™ diode laser performs two wonderful functions in soft tissue surgery: it increases your dentist’s precision while simultaneously decreasing your discomfort. And while a plain old scalpel could do the same job, the EPIC™ laser allows for a less traumatic, invasive surgery overall -- and that means you’re on the road to recovery far sooner than is possible with the traditional scalpel.

The EPIC™ diode laser can be used in a number of treatments involving the soft tissue, including:

Benefits of Lasers in Oral Surgery

Compared to traditional methods of cutting or reshaping soft tissues in the mouth, the advantages offered by the EPIC™ diode laser are easy to see. Just a few of the numerous benefits include:

A Bit More On Patient Comfort

We’re so excited about the fact that the EPIC™ diode laser increases patient comfort by allowing us to do more, better... and with less anesthetic. That’s because EPIC™ offers something called ComfortPulse. It’s a new feature that transmits pulses of energy to the tissue in carefully timed intervals -- allowing you time to adjust to the procedure at your own, comfortable pace.

With the EPIC™ diode laser and ComfortPulse, your comfort and safety are always the primary goals.

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If you require soft tissue surgery, you can benefit from the wonderful treatment provided by the EPIC™ diode laser. Drs. Farthing and Tepner are proud to offer this option to patients in our community. Why don’t you get in touch with the team at Indianapolis Family Dentistry to learn more about how you can benefit from the soft tissue laser?

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