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Tooth Extractions – Indianapolis, IN

Relieve Pain & Protect Oral Health

woman holding cheek in painWith proper care, teeth can last an entire lifetime. There are circumstances, however, when your dentist may have no choice except to extract a tooth. If a tooth must be removed, Dr. Farthing and Dr. Tepner will perform the tooth extraction in Indianapolis, IN with skill, compassion, and a focus on comfort and peace of mind.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Several reasons may make it necessary for your dentist in Indianapolis to extract or pull one or more teeth. Sometimes, an extraction is necessary to remove a broken tooth that has sustained irreparable damage or to prepare a mouth for restorative therapy. Our dental office may recommend extraction to eliminate crowding and create a healthier, more attractive smile.

Also, for anyone about to undergo orthodontic treatment, tooth extraction may be required to allow enough room for your other teeth to align correctly. Likewise, if you have a tooth that cannot erupt into the proper position, then a tooth may need to be removed. This is usually the reason why wisdom teeth are extracted—there simply is not room in your mouth to accommodate these rather large teeth.

An infected tooth can often be preserved with root canal therapy. However, in cases where the infection is too far advanced, the best option may be extraction. Gum disease is another common reason for tooth extraction. Advanced periodontitis destroys gum and bone tissue to the point that teeth loosen and must be removed. In this case, dental implants can be an excellent choice for tooth replacement.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

We understand that needing to have a tooth extracted can be a rather unsettling procedure. Indianapolis Family Dentistry offers mild sedation with nitrous oxide so you can relax without worry. Then, after administering a local anesthetic, Dr. Farthing or Dr. Tepner will gently remove your tooth. Some bleeding after an extraction is to be expected. Depending on which tooth is removed, a gauze pad can stop the bleeding, or your dentist may place a few stitches to help gum tissue heal.

You’ll receive detailed instructions on how to care for the extraction site. Some patients manage discomfort with an over-the-counter pain medication while others require a prescription strength dosage. In either case, you can stay ahead of the pain by taking your medicine on time. A cold compress can also be helpful. Nutrition is important for healing, so stick to a diet of soft foods and do not use a straw to drink.

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