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Cosmetic Dentistry in Indianapolis

woman with red hair smilingIs your beautiful smile hiding behind chipped, stained, or misshapen teeth? The cosmetic dentists at Indianapolis Family Dentistry use modern esthetic services to produce beautiful, natural looking results. Your smile is an important part of your self-image. Flawed teeth diminish your appearance and decrease your confidence. Dr. Farthing or Dr. Tepner evaluates smiles and discusses expectations. We then create a treatment plan to transform your appearance. Our esthetic therapies deliver fantastic results. From porcelain veneers to full smile makeovers, we have the cosmetic dentistry solution for you.

Teeth Whitening

This safe and effective cosmetic treatment is also one of our most popular, and it’s no wonder. For a reasonable cost, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. With teeth whitening, you’ll be able to say goodbye to those annoying stains caused by such things as coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauce and berries. Tobacco stains and even deep discoloration from a traumatic injury can also be erased.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Farthing or Dr. Tepner will recommend the teeth whitening system that is best for your smile. We offer both in-office whitening and a take-home kit. Both achieve the same dazzling results, but at a different pace.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Technically speaking, a tooth-colored filling is a restorative procedure to repair and rebuild a tooth that has been damaged by decay. But a tooth-colored filling is also cosmetic because of the way it seamlessly blends with the natural shade of a tooth. A tooth-colored filling is made of composite resin material that the dentist blends to precisely match your tooth. Gone are the days of silver fillings that stood out in your smile. Now, you and your cosmetic dentist will be the only ones to know that you have a filling!

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are also used to repair cavities, but are usually reserved for teeth that have a large amount of decay. Both are a more conservative option than a dental crown, which requires removing more natural tooth structure in order to fit between adjacent teeth.

Inlays are positioned between the cusps (bumps) of a tooth, while an onlay is placed over one or more cusps. Both are fabricated in a dental lab and sent back to our office for placement.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding and Contouring

The same composite resin material that we use for a tooth-colored filling can also be used to rebuild or reshape a tooth cosmetically. If you have a tooth that is chipped, moderately fractured or slightly crooked, cosmetic bonding may be the easiest solution. During this procedure that requires only one appointment, the cosmetic dentist applies a small amount of composite resin and molds the material to reshape your tooth. The result is a strong tooth with a more pleasing appearance.

Porcelain Veneers

If you have a number of flaws detracting from your smile—chips, cracks, fractures, permanent stains or slightly crooked teeth—then why not hide them behind porcelain veneers? These can be used to create a whole new smile or to correct one or two teeth that are imperfect. After your teeth are prepared, your Indianapolis cosmetic dentist bonds the veneers to the front of your tooth. When designing your porcelain veneers, we consider the location and shape of each tooth, the size of your mouth and lips, and your unique facial features.

Smile Makeover

A few or several of the above discussed cosmetic dentistry treatments can be combined in a smile makeover, which is a step-by-step plan to rejuvenate your smile. The process begins with a consultation and a dental examination. Then, your Dr. Farthing or Dr. Tepner will recommend the procedures that will transform your teeth, recreate your smile and boost your confidence.

Teeth Whitening Tooth Colored Fillings Veneers Smile Makeovers Bonding and Contouring Inlays and Onlays

Learn more about our esthetic services, and then call Indianapolis Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Farthing or Dr. Tepner, skilled cosmetic dentists. Our conveniently located dental office provides personalized service and one-on-one care to residents of Lawrence and beyond.