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Do You Still Need a Root Canal if Your Tooth Pain Stops?

February 15, 2023

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A severe toothache can be caused by a variety of things, including a tooth infection. This occurs when bacteria enter the tooth and make their way into the pulp. It’s usually the result of an untreated cavity and requires root canal therapy to get rid of the infection and save the tooth. Though pain is a common part of having a tooth infection, it may sometimes disappear out of nowhere. Continue reading to learn what this means and why you still need to undergo root canal therapy.

What Makes a Toothache Go Away?

Minor tooth pain is likely the result of a small cavity or another minor issue. But, if the pain is more severe, it could be caused by a tooth infection. If the pain suddenly goes away one day, this doesn’t mean that the infection is gone. In fact, it’s a sign that things are getting worse.

A severe toothache that suddenly goes away is usually caused by the nerves inside of the tooth being destroyed by the infection. It’s important to still undergo root canal therapy even if the pain goes away. This is because avoiding treatment will allow the infection to spread and destroy the bone surrounding the tooth. Additionally, the infection may enter the bloodstream and lead to a potentially life-threatening condition called sepsis.

How Root Canal Therapy Can Help

Root canals are designed to save severely infected teeth. Your dentist will numb the surrounding area before starting the procedure to keep you from experiencing any pain. If you need additional help staying comfortable during treatment, you can ask them about dental sedation.

Your dentist will then remove the infected pulp before cleaning and sanitizing the tooth. Finally, it will be filled with a biocompatible material and sealed off with a filling or crown. Since the nerves are part of the pulp, this treatment will get rid of your toothache. Additionally, it will prevent the infection from spreading and causing issues in other parts of the mouth or body.

About the Practice

Dr. Mark M. Farthing and Dr. Armin M. Tepner are the skilled dentists who lead the team at Indianapolis Family Dentistry. They administer a range of exceptional treatments from the comfort of their inviting dental office, including root canals. They can teach you about why it’s important to get a root canal before the infection gets worse and how it can promote a healthy smile long term. If you are ready to set up a dental appointment with Indianapolis Family Dentistry or want to learn more about root canal therapy, call their office at (317) 898-3384 or visit their website.

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