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No Dental Insurance? No Problem with Your Indianapolis Dentist

June 17, 2019

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Woman smilingDental insurance is a useful tool because it saves you money at the dentist’s office while allowing you to stay healthy. But what if you don’t have dental insurance? Dentistry sure can be expensive. Thankfully, Indianapolis Family Dentistry has an easy and affordable solution: an in-office membership plan. Now you can receive the quality dental care that you deserve at an affordable price. Keep reading to learn more about this membership plan, how it works, and how you can benefit from it.

What Does the Membership Plan Entail?

Indianapolis Family Dentistry offers 3 different membership plans depending on your specific needs. There is a Child Complete plan that is perfect for your loved ones who are 13 and younger. This plan’s cost comes at $228 per year or $19 per month depending on how you wish to break up your payments. This price includes all of the preventive checkups and cleanings that your little one needs in 1 year as well as an emergency exam.

For patients 14 and older, there is an Adult Complete Care Plan that is $300 per year or $25 per month. This plan includes 2 professional cleanings, 2 dental exams, 2 oral screenings, routine x-rays, and 1 emergency exam. This is perfect for those without insurance to prevent and detect issues before they get worse.

Lastly, Indianapolis Family Dentistry offers a Perio Care Plan, which is $480 a year or $40 per month. This plan includes 3 appointments for periodontal maintenance, 2 regular exams, 2 oral screenings, routine X-Rays, and 1 emergency exam. You should consider this option if you have gum disease or have had it in the past.

How is it Different from Regular Insurance?

All 3 of these plans are similar to insurance in that their intention is to save you money by taking preventive measures. When you see your dentist for routine checkups and cleanings, you’re preventing yourself from more extensive and expensive procedures in the future. However, there are some key differences with the Membership Plans that you should be aware of.

With Indianapolis Family Dentistry’s Membership Plans, you will gain access to your benefits immediately instead of a waiting period like with most insurance plans. Your membership will also last through the end of the year, so you can reevaluate your dental care and finances at that time. There are also no deductibles, copays, or annual maximums.

Membership Plan Benefits for Those Without Insurance

Indianapolis Family Dentistry offers these plans because of the helpful benefits that they can bring you, including:

  • 100% price transparency with no hidden fees
  • No deductibles or annual maximums
  • Paying for services
  • Plan for adults, children, and those with gum problems
  • Ability to purchase and manage your plan from any device
  • Friendly, helpful, and local staff ready to help

Are you ready to maintain your oral health while keeping your pocketbook full? Contact Indianapolis Family Dentistry to get started on quality and affordable dentistry for you and your loved ones.

About the Practice

At Indianapolis Family Dentistry, Dr. Mark M. Farthing and Dr. Armin M. Tepner are an expert team of dentists who believe in putting the patient first. That’s why they offer an in-house membership plan, which allows everyone to receive the dental care that they deserve. For any questions, they can be reached through their website or by phone at (317) 898-3384.

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