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Why Do I Need to Rinse Before My Dentist Appointment?

May 10, 2020

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Patient using anti-microbial rinse before dentist visit

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed business operations, social habits, and the way you go through your everyday life. Fortunately, businesses and practices are beginning to open up again to larger capacities. While so many of us are eager to get back to our normal lives, there are many precautions we need to take, like wearing face coverings, to flatten the curve of COVID-19. This extends to your dental office. Your dentist can tell you about the new steps being taken to keep their patients and dental staff safe, including using anti-microbial rinses.

Why Do I Need to Use an Anti-Microbial Rinse Before My Appointment?

Even though they have not been tested against any coronavirus strains, using an anti-microbial mouthwash has been proven to kill most microorganisms in as little as 30 seconds. They eliminate 99% of germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis. Your dentist may ask you to use an anti-microbial rinse before your appointment to decrease the possibility of unknowingly spreading illnesses to your dental staff. When your dental staff is safe, so are you.

What Other Measures Are Dental Offices Taking Against COVID-19?

There are a variety of other measures being taken to reduce the risk of dental staff and patients from getting sick. Here are just a few:

Personal Hygiene Standards

Dental staff have always followed strict guidelines regarding washing their hands. Now, they are washing their hands even more frequently. Office workers will be wearing masks and will refrain from having long nails, jewelry, and watches just to be safe. 

Sequenced Patient Scheduling

Office staff are scheduling appointments with more time in between. This allows for the dental team to ensure that everything is thoroughly disinfected before the next patient arrives. This also limits unnecessary contact between patients. The less people in the office at one time, the better!

Patient Pre-Screening

Before each patient’s appointment, a member of the dental team will ask a brief set of questions or ask you to fill out a quick health questionnaire. A member of the staff will also check your temperature using a no-touch thermometer. This is to ensure that you do not have a fever that you are unaware of. If your temperature is too high, your dentist will be happy to reschedule you for a later date.

Additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Dentists always wear PPE. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may notice that they are wearing more than usual. This may include different masks, eye protection, face shields, and protective clothing.

Many things have changed during these uncertain times. Although other parts of your life may be on hold, your oral health should not. Thanks to these new precautions, you can visit your dentist knowing that you’re in good hands!

About the Practice

At Indianapolis Family Dentistry, Dr. Mark M. Farthing and Dr. Armin M. Tepner each have over 35 years of experience. Together, they believe in prioritizing the safety of their patients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they are taking a variety of extra steps to ensure that their office is protected. For more information on new safety protocols or to schedule an appointment, visit their website or call (317) 898-3384.

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